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Annealed wire for metal products
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Annealed wire for metal products

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Product Name:
annealed wire for metal products
Application: Construction
Certification: ISO9001
Standard: SAE1006/1008,Q195/235
Length: Coils
Technique: Hot rolled
Shape: round
Size: customizable
Model: 5.5-14mm
Terms of Payment: Long/Short term L/C, L/C, T/T

Annealed wire

Annealing is the science of heating wire up to a certain temperature, it alters the physical and sometimes chemical makeup of a piece of metal. This action increases its dexterity and depraves hardness. The act of annealing is heating the metal up to a certain temperature beyond its recrystallization point keeping it at that point and then letting it cool. One of the perks of using annealed wire is that it does not corrode easily and thus making it have a long shelf life, this can be purchased in bulk. It is also very difficult to break which decreases breakages and safety to employees. It is predominantly featured in agriculture, construction and agriculture based on its ability to endure the environments. Annealed wire is made of carbon steel wire, commonly used in weaving and baling. Applications can stretch from home use to constructive settings. It is employed in civil construction and can commonly be called burnt wire due which is derived from the name black annealed wire. It is well used in agriculture because of its mailability that makes it very easy to work with. It is most commonly packed in spools and coils. Annealed wire comes in different weights and gauges to reach a wide range of clients. This product does not usually have any type of protective lining, paper or plastic.

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