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Monthly Archives: June 2022

  • Best Steel Companies in China

    Round Steel Bars

    Round Steel Bars

    China’s rapid and unparalleled modernization of its economy and infrastructural development have made it the world’s largest producer and consumer of steel. As of 2020, with 57% of global production, China not only stood as the biggest steel producer but became the first country to have produced one billion tons of steel.

    Naturally, China is home to the best steel manufacturing companies in the world. At Camasteel, we’ve been in collaboration with some of those top brands for years as we serve our international clients.

    Here are the best 4 steel manufacturing companies in China:

    1.  Angang Steel Company

    Angang Steel Company

    Angang Steel, often referred to as Ansteel, is the 2nd largest steel producer in Mainland China. As of 2021, the company had an annual production capacity of 26,470,000 tons of steel and 24,800,000 tons of rolled steel with $21.2 billion in revenue.

    Ansteel’s most popular products include heavy rails, wire rods, cold-rolled sheets, billets, coating plates, thick plates, and Steckel coiled plate.

    2.  Baosteel Group

    Baosteel Group

    Baosteel ranks 21st among the overall top 500 Chinese enterprises and 6th in the manufacturing enterprises category. As of 2021, the company generated over $54.4 Billion in revenue with record-breaking profits and steel production.

    Baosteel’s popular products include carbon steel, die steel, stainless steel, bearing steel, cold-rolled steel, hot-rolled wear-resistant steel, automobile sheets, high magnetic induction, and oriented electrical steel.

    3.  HBIS Group

    HBIS Group

    Hesteel Group Company Limited is one of the biggest Chinese conglomerates in the steel manufacturing industry. HBIS ranks 2nd in the global crude steel production while maintaining its position in the Global 500 for 13 consecutive years – currently at rank 200. Its 2021 revenue exceeded $54.5 billion with steel production exceeding 43.85 million tons.

    Its main products include electrical steel, checkered steel strip, low carbon steel, high carbon steel, hull structure steel, pipeline steel, automobile steel, weather-resistant steel, gas cylinder steel, and high strength low alloy steel.

    4.  Shougang Group

    Shougang Group

    Shougang Group Steel Company in China

    Shougang Group is the 411th best company in the global 500 and has managed to stay on the list for 10 straight years. By 2020,  its annual revenue soared past $30 billion and annual steel production exceeded 34 million tons.

    It’s popular for manufacturing some of the best heavy plates, cold-rolling coils, best hot-rolling coils, electric steel, and long steel products in the industry.

    Where to buy the best Steel in China?

    Small orders may be sought out domestically, but for bulk orders of Steel, the best practice is to import directly from manufacturers for cost savings and guarantees of issuing certificates.

    Camasteel is a regular provider of steel products from all the top Chinese brands mentioned above and more. Feel free to contact us 24/7  for your bulk orders, discuss and verify your requirements with an expert, and get a free quotation.

    Why Camasteel?

    At Camasteel, we provide plenty of information to help our customers navigate with their import process and have experts at hand to help with all their needs. You can collect insights about our company on our Linkedin page and other social media such as facebook. You can find out more about international trade and different steel products, along with how to buy them and their different uses on our blog, which we post on regularly. You can also head over to our youtube channel and watch content such as this video!


    It is imperative that all those who hope to import from chinese steel manufacturers must remember the key rise-control points to avoid loss and ensure value across the transaction. Our videos will help you to learn more about the steel products, the international trade and how to buy the steel product.

    Good luck during your next International trade!

  • How to Buy Steel Balls in Brazil from Chinese Manufacturers

    Uses of Steel Products: A Steel Ball Case Study

    Steel Balls purchase in Brazil-Introduction

    Steel Balls are one of the major products of Camasteel, and at Camasteel we are ever ready to fulfill the needs of our esteemed customers, across national boundaries. Brazil is not an exception, as we have world standard logistics in place to cater for our international client base.

    Quality Steel Balls

    Quality Steel Balls

    What is Steel Ball Used for?

    Steel balls are components, which are spherical in form, basically used as grinding media and as a rolling mechanism in rotary motion components like wheels and bearing .  Specifically, steel balls are commonly used in automobiles for semi-precision bearings, as well as for other commercial uses, which include, but are not limited to the use as locks, casters, drawer slides, in conveyors, trolleys and bicycles.

    Steel balls as a component in ball bearings

    Steel balls as a component in ball bearings

    This blog explains in detail how we at Camasteel satisfy our client from Brazil with an order of steel balls. Importing niche steel products, like steel balls, can not only be time consuming, but also daunting and confusing. Thankfully , Camasteel has strong company values that guides us to provide the best service possible and handle the entire importing process for our clients.

    Determining What Kind of Steel Products Our Client Needs

    • The client is a Brazil based automobile company who needed steel balls in bulk, as a component in the manufacturing of their automobiles.
    • The client contacted Camasteel to resolve their needs, and through close contact with our well esteemed representatives, we were able to guide them through the process of choosing the right product, the different steel grades and specifications and how to buy steel products in the most cost-effective and sustainable way.
    • At Camasteel, we have a variety of grinding steel balls for sale, but it is crucial to research and find the best unit based on our client’s individual specifications.
    • We work towards finding the best steel ball deals and determining the best to buy.


    What is the Best Material for Steel Balls?

    Steel balls are segmented into different types, such as low carbon, high carbon, chrome and stainless steel balls. The type of steel ball is dependent on the material used. However, material choice is made based on the intended use of the steel ball. Also, the hardness, oxidation resistance and magnetic properties of steel balls are largely hinged on the type of materials used.

    • Our client was advised on the most appropriate steel ball to purchase, based on the intended use and material adopted in manufacturing the steel ball.
    • We pinpointed the sustainable and cost-friendly steel balls, exactly what our client was looking for.
    • We answered all their questions about steel balls- from working with a multitude of varied clients we pretty much know how to answer them all.


    Forged Steel Grinding Balls

    Forged Steel Grinding Balls

    Identifying a Suitable Chinese Steel Manufacturer - Why Camasteel?

    • After the order details from the client were received, we handled the rest of the process and began our search for suitable Chinese steel ball manufacturers.
    • During the process, we identified and reached out to six China based steel ball manufacturers.
    • After a thorough comparison and analysis between the 6 potential manufactures, Camasteel shortlisted two suppliers based on the quality to price ratio of their steel balls.


    High Quality steel balls in Bulk: Why our Clients Achieve Cost-Savings

    • After we located the best potential suppliers, we informed our client with the details of our findings. We let them know that we had located high-quality cheap steel balls.
    • Once our client was happy with what they would be receiving, we continued to complete the order process for the specified steel balls.
    • As a result, we were able to fulfill the order within a tight timeframe while also managing to achieve 15% of cost savings for the client!

    What Does This Mean for your Manufacturing Projects

    We can all admit that finding the right products for your company can be a hassle, especially when time, cost and quality are important factors. Thankfully for this Brazilian automobile company, we are experienced in our industry and always find the best deals for our clients. If you are looking to import steel balls from Camasteel, alternative steel products such as grinding rods, or other kinds of steel products for your company, then Camasteel can help you out! The process is very simple, all you need to do is:

    1. Send us your requirements/specifications

    2. Include the quantity

    3. Include port of destination

    4. That’s it!

    And if you aren’t sure where to start at all? Contact us and we can help you every step of the way, including your first one!

    Why Import Steel Balls and Other Steel Products From China?

    It is best to import steel from China because of availability, cost and quality.

    Steel ball quality

    The government have taken extra measures to ensure the quality of imported steel, so opting for trusted manufacturers with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

    Steel ball cost

    Due to high production costs and high competition, buying steel balls from local suppliers may prove more expensive and options may be limited.

    Steel ball availability

    China, being the manufacturing capital of the globe is the go to, for bulk purchases. You may be able to find steel balls in small quantities in your area. But if you want to buy large quantities of steel balls, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers. This guarantees the issuing of certifications and cost savings, making it better than purchasing steel balls in small quantities locally or from a distributor.

    Where to Find Quality Steel Balls for Sale?

    Contact us at Camasteel if you too are looking for steel balls, or need a reliable partner that provides its clients with affordable yet quality products. Just fill us in with your company’s specific needs, and Camasteel will fulfill your request and complete the entire process for you efficiently while saving cost!

    If you’d like to learn more about grinding media and how to buy steel balls and steel grinding rods, watch our youtube video below:

  • China Minmetals Corporation - Manufacturers of Steel and Other Metals

    China Minmetals Corporation: Mining Industry – Background

    China Minmetals Corporation is a metal and minerals trading company that has been in the industry for 70 years and currently stands as the largest company of its category in China with an annual production of over 12 million tons of steel products.

    Over the years in the industry, China Minmetals Corporation has established itself as the benchmark of quality products. For instance, in 2021, the company increased its operating income by 35% and profits by 182% to set an all-time high record in the industry.

    China Minmetals is the leading producer of Iron and Steel in China, where it’s the first choice for all major industries. The company already has roots in over 40 countries and several reports, including the major rare earth groups merger, indicate their intentions to expand and deeply dominate the mining and mineral industry.

    Out of their diverse product list including Iron, Zinc, Copper, Commodities, Lead, etc. steel production is deemed of the highest quality in the industry.

    China Minmetals Corporation – Quick Facts

    • Location: Beijing, China
    • Founded: 1950
    • CEO & Chairman: Jerry (Jian) Jiao
    • Categories of Products:
      • Iron
      • Steel
      • Lead
      • Zinc
      • Commodities
      • Marine Shipping
      • Mining
      • And much more.
    • Market Position
      • It ranks 198th in the Global 500 Ranking.
      • It ranks 1st in the Steel and metals industry.
      • Supplies to more than 40 countries and regions
      • Annual revenue exceeds $108.2 billion.

    What are the most Popular China Minmetals Products?

    China Minmetals Corporation produces some of the best products in the Mining Industry. As China Minmetals continues on its growth trajectory in the industry through innovation, their popular products list will only be appended. Here are some of the most popular China Minmetals products:

    Steel Bars

    China Minmetals Corporation annually produces over 11 million tons of rolled steel and leads the global steel production industry. At Camasteel we produce high quality steel bars which have many uses, particularly in the production of fasteners and machineries. Our steel balls are famed for their flexibility and corrosion resistant features.

    Steel Round Bars for Sale at Camasteel                         

    Steel Round Bars for Sale at Camasteel

    Steel Plate

    Hot rolled steel plates undergo a pressure rolling procedure that heats the steel, making it easier to shape and form. China Minmetals produced hot rolled steel plates that have several applications including vehicle body roofing, medical tables, portable kitchens, etc.

    Hot Rolled Steel Plates for Sale at Camasteel

    Hot Rolled Steel Plates for Sale at Camasteel

    Steel Wire

    A steel wire rod typically has a diameter of 5.2 - 42mm and comes in different shapes but is typically packaged round. Steel wire rods produced by China Minmetals have several applications dependent on the shape and cold formation. They are used as barbed wires, reinforcement wires, wire mesh, etc.

    Steel Wire Rod for Sale at Camasteel

    Steel Wire Rod for Sale at Camasteel

    How do I Import China Minmetals Steel from China?

    China has taken commendable steps toward ease of ordering for international buyers, but the process remains slow and often daunting, especially for small orders. Direct ordering from Chinese manufacturers has multiple barriers and is overall a burden for buyers.

    The most common barriers include:

    • Language and communication barriers
    • Uncompetitive pricing when ordering in small quantities
    • Slow feedback when ordering in small quantities
    • The manufacturer may not sell in your country due to no local distributor.
    • Slow after services when ordering in small quantities

    That is why Camasteel serves as your go-to international supplier of steel that deals with manufacturers on a daily basis. Camasteel has a longstanding supplier relationship with China Minmetals Corporation and its subsidiaries which allows us to negotiate better pricing and offers on behalf of our international clientele.

    Why Import Steel from China?

    Steel Quality

    Through rigorous regulations and quality standards, The government in importing countries often enforce extra measures to ensure the quality of imported steel, so opting for trusted manufacturers with a wealth of experience and knowledge is the best way to ensure you can import your steel product free from stress!

    High Quality PPGI For Sale

    High Quality PPGI For Sale

    Steel Cost

    Due to high production costs and high competition in the area, buying steel from local suppliers may prove more expensive and options may be limited. Buying straight from manufacturers, like Camasteel means that costs are cut due to the reduction in the supply chain.

    Steel Availability

    China is known to be the manufacturing capital of the world and hence is the first choice of businesses all over the world for bulk purchases. Since the top steel production houses are based in China as well, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers.

    How to Buy China Minmetals Corporation Steel in Bulk?

    You can find small quantities of China Minmetals Steel in your area, but for large projects, it is preferable to import in bulk directly from the manufacturers. This not only ensures certifications and cost savings, but it also gives you brand warrantied high-quality products that local distributors cannot offer.

    At Camasteel, we have various steel products for bulk purchase. Contact us now for a free quotation.

  • The Best of Grinding Media Forged Steel Balls

    6 Key Facts About Steel Balls

    1. What are Forged Steel Balls?

    Forged Steel Grinding Balls are used in metallurgy and gold mining for grinding the ores. It is used for enrichment of extracted raw materials in drum mills. It is used for the preparation of pulverized coal. At Camasteel, we have grinding media for your bulk purchase.

    Ball milling is a mechanical technique widely used to grind powders into fine particles and blend materials. Being an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective technique, it has found wide application in industry all over the world.

    2. What is a ball mill and how they work with steel balls

    The ball mill is made up of a hollow section that spins down either a horizontal or a vertical axis. The section is packed with balls. The materials to be crushed are added and the balls move around inside the mill, colliding with the materials. Grinding balls are used to grind materials into fine powders.

    Dry Ball Mill for Grinding Construction Materials

    Dry Ball Mill for Grinding Construction Materials

    3. Steel Grinding Balls Have Many Uses!

    Steel Grinding balls are used in the mining, coal, construction (for example, to make cement) and other industries: in ball mills as grinding bodies for grinding materials by impact, abrasion and crushing. The balls are produced from iron and steel.

    4. What are Steel Grinding Balls Made of?

    Each forged steel grinding ball is manufactured from steel and steel alloys which have superior resistance to abrasion and low wear rates and are solid from surface to center. This is a forged steel ball that is hardened for superior strength. These sturdy, well built, shock-absorbing steel balls are the perfect hardness for ball mill grinding. Whether you are grinding raw materials in ball mills, or using planetary ball mills on a smaller scale to get a finer particle size, these are the forged steel balls for you.

    Quality Forged Steel Grinding Ball

    Quality Forged Steel Grinding Ball

    5. Forged Steel Ball Advantages Have Multiple Advantages

    • Forged steel grinding balls are excellent in surface quality.
    • They are extremely tough.
    • They are resistant to impact and abrasion.
    • They do not crack and lose circularity easily.
    • Proper care and installation of Forged Steel Grinding Balls needs to be taken into consideration in order to avoid any unwanted effects.

    6. How to Buy Steel Balls?

    You may be able to find limited and more expensive steel grinding ball manufacturers in your area. But if you want to buy large quantities of steel balls, it is preferable to import directly from manufacturers like Camasteel, where we offer a variety of high-quality and sustainable steel products. This guarantees the issuing of certifications and cost savings, making it better than purchasing steel in small quantities locally or from a distributor.

    If you require bulk quantities of this steel, you can purchase steel balls and steel grinding rods on our website camasteel.com.

    To learn more about steel grinding balls, along with how to purchase in bulk, please watch the video below:

  • Can I Import High Quality Steel from China?

    How to Buy Steel From Chinese Steel Manufacturers in 10 steps

    We recently posted some blogs about the premium steel products available at Camasteel.

    steel ballssteel grinding rodspre-painted galvanized ironsteel nails

    Camasteel steel products (from the left): steel balls, steel grinding rods, pre-painted galvanized iron and steel nails

    We also posted some youtube content and we have often been asked by viewers about the international trade process and how to import steel from China. Many of their problems were due to a lack of knowledge regarding the process and legislations, along with not knowing how to manage risks, and finally they were concerned about not knowing reliable Chinese steel manufacturers. Camasteel have drafted an easy-to-follow plan for prospective importers. To reduce corporate risk, and cut costs when importing steel from China, follow the ten simple steps below:

    1. Apply for the import qualification to buy steel

    Many countries have legislations in place, which have set guidelines which companies and individuals should follow when importing steel goods, such as galvanized iron and steel nails. Correct import qualifications should be retrieved so that your activities are within the bounds of local law.

    Obtaining the correct import qualifications may prove challenging in some countries, whereas in other countries it may prove very easy due to the country as a whole relying on imports for economic activity.

    Importing regulation factors when you buy steel

    Importing regulation factors when you buy steel

    If you would like to save both money and time, having an import agency or purchasing steel from steel manufacturers like Camasteel is the best option for your company. We offer consultancy and extra support in an end-to-end service package for those who do not want to deal with the stress of the import details on their own.

    2. Learn the government policy for buying steel through import from China.

    In our previous articles, we talked about the China steel production industry, which boasts a capacity that is world-leading. This led multiple countries to impose anti-dumping tax on Chinese steel supplies to preserve their local steel industry. It is important that you check if your local government has this kind of policy in place If you want to import steel from China. If there is no tax, it means that the Chinese steel products are the most competitive in the market and it is more advantageous for you to go ahead with the process. On the other hand, if a tax is present, the next best step is to compare the price (including tax) to local steel price and decide from there.

    It is key to remember to investigate downstream products' prices to see whether it is possible to avoid the tax by importing semi-finished or finished products instead. You can read more about how to Import steel from Chinese manufacturers in our case study article, where we cover how we helped one of our clients in the Philippines to import pre-painted galvanized steel from China.

    3. Find 3-5 potential suppliers to buy steel from

    Disruption of the global E-commerce development has meant there is a boom in service and product providers on the worldwide web. Miscellaneous suppliers can be found through platforms including: search engines, social media and B2B marketplace.

    During the market investigation, is is better to surf the suppliers’ website, learn their products specification and know about their relevant qualification and choose 3-5 suppliers for your considerations, taking your investigations a little further.

    Steel supplier selection process

    Steel supplier selection process

    4. Send enquiry to the steel suppliers

    Assemble a structured enquiry detailing the steel products, the specifications and the use case for your needs. This information can then be sent over to a Chinese steel manufacturer or Chinese steel supplier of your choice. At Camasteel, once we receive an enquiry, one of our industry experts will respond to you quickly through your contact of choice, whether that be by email or phone. It is important that you monitor the speed and accuracy of each supplier to ensure you get the best value for your money when you buy steel products from China.

    If you find that 3-5 suppliers are not enough or you do not feel confident with their estimates, contact around 2-3 more to have a broader option. The key piece of advice we would offer you here at Camasteel is that you should use a company email address if you have one, detailing your needs, pains and use case. Be as concise as you can whilst providing all relevant details to ensure an efficient service; it also presents you as a real and valuable buyer, rather than someone who is just browsing or has little real interest. Secondly, try to know the difference between FOB and CIF, or go for a supplier like Camasteel with consultants who can understand this and other trade terms, so prices can be compared on the same basis.

    Supplier selection criterion

    Supplier selection criterion

    5. Learn the package and freight of your finished or semi finished steel product

    If you choose to adopt the FOB trade term to import steel products from Chinese steel manufacturers, you will need to find the freight forwarder independently; this is so you can ask them to quote the freight price and then opt for the best one. You also need to know different kinds of packages such as: containers of varying size, bulk transportation, bags, drums etc. The packaging does not only affect the freight price; it is also a direct determiner of the security of the goods. It is therefore important that you push dialogue with your supplier regarding the safest package methods. Then, you may ask the forwarder to offer the best price for your chosen method.

    6. Steel import payment and delivery terms

    Once a quotation has been given to you by the suppliers, payment terms can be discussed, along with delivery times. You may exercise buyer power in order to negotiate better payment terms for yourself. There is plenty of competition in the steel industry, meaning buyer power is strong, meaning they are in a prime position for negotiation. Moreover, aside from aspects surrounding payment, different delivery time, with it being dependent on their production capacity and production plan. It is also important to collect relevant details before finalizing your decision surrounding the import.

    7. Complete the contract and prepayment for your steel products

    After you compare the price, payment and delivery time as well as other aspects from several suppliers, go for the provider who best suits all your needs and have them send a contract and invoice.

    Invoice for Steel Product     Contract agreement

    Invoice for Steel Product                 Contract agreement

    The contract and invoice will ideally be very concise and detail all you have discussed regarding the steel product. Instructions. Don’t expect you can get the best deal from every perspective. For example, there may be a deal with a better price, however the delivery time may be significantly longer.

    8. Once steel production is finished, make the balance payment

    The production time and delivery time vary according to different suppliers; during this time, you’d better ask the supplier to report you the progress to avoid any case that influences the delivery time. After the supplier has notified you that your steel products are ready, then you need to make the balance payment and ask the supplier to deliver the goods. If you use another payment term, you can change accordingly. If you impose great importance to the quality inspection during the production, ensure that you appoint a third-party-inspection company to help you inspect the goods quality during the production and delivery.

    9. Ensure your steel makes custom clearance.

    Now it’s time to wait for your steel products to arrive! This is the most relaxed part of the process - and if you picked the right steel supplier it certainly will be easy for you! During this time, you should also appoint a custom clearance agent to take care of relevant issues including importing tax for you, otherwise you may have to do them independently. If this is the case, have no fear! Contact us today and one of our consultants will be happy to advise you about your local guidelines and guide you through any necessary processes.

    10. Receiving your finished or semi-finished steel product

    Once custom clearance and tax payment is complete, your goods should be delivered safely to your shop or warehouse. Upon receiving the goods, be sure to inspect the goods including the packaging, product type, quality and quantity twice over. If you are happy with the results, then you are all finished! However, should anything be incorrect or if you are dissatisfied, it is important to take a photograph immediately as evidence and contact your supplier to make a claim. The supplier should have after-sales support available to you.

    Delivery of steel products

    Delivery of steel products

    Our steel can be shipped in bulk to any port nearest to you. Before any export, we make sure to test random samples to ensure quality and specifications meet client requirements. This includes a dropping test, a hardness test, chemical element analysis and impact value test. Grinding rods developed independently have already reached the international advanced level. We also provide a mill certificate, a third party inspection report such as that from SGS before export.

    What could go wrong?

    Maybe you've tried to import steel products from China before, but you did not get the best value for your money; or perhaps you have never imported steel and opt for over-priced local suppliers? Our quality, reliable source of steel products and solutions match domestic and foreign demands for varied steel resources. Camasteel's international background and wealth of knowledge allows us to operate and provide bespoke steel solutions worldwide including Asia, Europe, Africa, America and others. Contact us today with your specifications and size requirements and we will help you source the right product.

    Why Camasteel?

    At Camasteel, we provide plenty of information to help our customers navigate with their import process and have experts at hand to help with all their needs. You can collect insights about our company on our Linkedin page and other social media such as facebook. You can find out more about international trade and different steel products, along with how to buy them and their different uses on our blog, which we post on regularly. You can also head over to our youtube channel and watch content such as this video!

    The above 10 steps are essential steps needed to import steel from China. Whilst steps may vary across cases, it is imperative that all those who hope to import from chinese steel manufacturers must remember the key rise-control points to avoid loss and ensure value across the transaction. Good luck during your next International trade!

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