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China Minmetals Corporation - Manufacturers of Steel and Other Metals

China Minmetals Corporation: Mining Industry – Background

China Minmetals Corporation is a metal and minerals trading company that has been in the industry for 70 years and currently stands as the largest company of its category in China with an annual production of over 12 million tons of steel products.

Over the years in the industry, China Minmetals Corporation has established itself as the benchmark of quality products. For instance, in 2021, the company increased its operating income by 35% and profits by 182% to set an all-time high record in the industry.

China Minmetals is the leading producer of Iron and Steel in China, where it’s the first choice for all major industries. The company already has roots in over 40 countries and several reports, including the major rare earth groups merger, indicate their intentions to expand and deeply dominate the mining and mineral industry.

Out of their diverse product list including Iron, Zinc, Copper, Commodities, Lead, etc. steel production is deemed of the highest quality in the industry.

China Minmetals Corporation – Quick Facts

  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Founded: 1950
  • CEO & Chairman: Jerry (Jian) Jiao
  • Categories of Products:
    • Iron
    • Steel
    • Lead
    • Zinc
    • Commodities
    • Marine Shipping
    • Mining
    • And much more.
  • Market Position
    • It ranks 198th in the Global 500 Ranking.
    • It ranks 1st in the Steel and metals industry.
    • Supplies to more than 40 countries and regions
    • Annual revenue exceeds $108.2 billion.

What are the most Popular China Minmetals Products?

China Minmetals Corporation produces some of the best products in the Mining Industry. As China Minmetals continues on its growth trajectory in the industry through innovation, their popular products list will only be appended. Here are some of the most popular China Minmetals products:

Steel Bars

China Minmetals Corporation annually produces over 11 million tons of rolled steel and leads the global steel production industry. At Camasteel we produce high quality steel bars which have many uses, particularly in the production of fasteners and machineries. Our steel balls are famed for their flexibility and corrosion resistant features.

Steel Round Bars for Sale at Camasteel                         

Steel Round Bars for Sale at Camasteel

Steel Plate

Hot rolled steel plates undergo a pressure rolling procedure that heats the steel, making it easier to shape and form. China Minmetals produced hot rolled steel plates that have several applications including vehicle body roofing, medical tables, portable kitchens, etc.

Hot Rolled Steel Plates for Sale at Camasteel

Hot Rolled Steel Plates for Sale at Camasteel

Steel Wire

A steel wire rod typically has a diameter of 5.2 - 42mm and comes in different shapes but is typically packaged round. Steel wire rods produced by China Minmetals have several applications dependent on the shape and cold formation. They are used as barbed wires, reinforcement wires, wire mesh, etc.

Steel Wire Rod for Sale at Camasteel

Steel Wire Rod for Sale at Camasteel

How do I Import China Minmetals Steel from China?

China has taken commendable steps toward ease of ordering for international buyers, but the process remains slow and often daunting, especially for small orders. Direct ordering from Chinese manufacturers has multiple barriers and is overall a burden for buyers.

The most common barriers include:

  • Language and communication barriers
  • Uncompetitive pricing when ordering in small quantities
  • Slow feedback when ordering in small quantities
  • The manufacturer may not sell in your country due to no local distributor.
  • Slow after services when ordering in small quantities

That is why Camasteel serves as your go-to international supplier of steel that deals with manufacturers on a daily basis. Camasteel has a longstanding supplier relationship with China Minmetals Corporation and its subsidiaries which allows us to negotiate better pricing and offers on behalf of our international clientele.

Why Import Steel from China?

Steel Quality

Through rigorous regulations and quality standards, The government in importing countries often enforce extra measures to ensure the quality of imported steel, so opting for trusted manufacturers with a wealth of experience and knowledge is the best way to ensure you can import your steel product free from stress!

High Quality PPGI For Sale

High Quality PPGI For Sale

Steel Cost

Due to high production costs and high competition in the area, buying steel from local suppliers may prove more expensive and options may be limited. Buying straight from manufacturers, like Camasteel means that costs are cut due to the reduction in the supply chain.

Steel Availability

China is known to be the manufacturing capital of the world and hence is the first choice of businesses all over the world for bulk purchases. Since the top steel production houses are based in China as well, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers.

How to Buy China Minmetals Corporation Steel in Bulk?

You can find small quantities of China Minmetals Steel in your area, but for large projects, it is preferable to import in bulk directly from the manufacturers. This not only ensures certifications and cost savings, but it also gives you brand warrantied high-quality products that local distributors cannot offer.

At Camasteel, we have various steel products for bulk purchase. Contact us now for a free quotation.

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