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Grinding Rods FAQ

What is a Grinding Rod?

Grinding rods are a type of grinding media, made of steel, that has gone through specific degrees of heat treatments to enhance the wear and impact resistance of the material. Grinding rods are usually used in rod mills. However, there are other types of grinding media, which include Cast Iron Grinding Balls and Forged Steel Grinding Balls. These different grinding media are differentiated in terms of shape and usage.

Quality grinding rods for bulk purchase Quality grinding rods for bulk purchase

What are Grinding Rods used for?

Grinding rods are widely used in rod mills. They are essential steel products used for :

  • Grinding materials for glass
  • Processing of extracted minerals
  • Grinding coke and friable non-minerals
  • Grinding gravel to produce sand
  • Grinding ores such as iron, copper and gold in the mining industry.
Quality forged steel grinding rod Quality forged steel grinding rod

What are Grinding Rods made of?

Steel grinding rods are manufactured from a specific steel which has the characteristic of breaking up without twisting when wear occurs. This property is essential in maintaining full grinding capacity and avoiding the difficulty of taking out wire-like, worn rods that usually twist and bend into a mass of intertwined wires, if breaking does not occur.

What are the Qualities of a Good Grinding Rod?

Good quality grinding rods have the following properties;

  • Quality grinding rods have wear resistance effects up to 150% stronger, when compared on rolled steel bars.
  • Grinding rods have high durability and strength.
  • They do not crack or wear out easily.
  • Grinding rods have high resistance to bending and breakage.


What is Rod Mill for Grinding?

Rod mills use long rods for grinding media. These rods are used in grinding ore by tumbling  within the mill. The act of grinding is by line contact with the rods extending the length of the mill. The spinning and tumbling of the rods in roughly parallel alignment results in the selective grinding of coarse materials and the reduction of slime production.

Wet Rod Mill for Grinding Raw Materials Wet Rod Mill for Grinding Raw Materials

What are the differences between Rod Mill and Ball Mill?

The differences between ball mill and rod mill can be analyzed in terms of performance, grinding medium and application. However, ball mill and rod mill are also quite similar in appearance, as both grinding tools have cylindrical structures.

Differences in performance

Based on performance, rod mills can be divided into three types; center and side discharge rod mill, end and side discharge rod mill, and shaft neck overflow discharge rod mill. These types of rod mills are differentiated by the part through which the rod mills are fed, as their names imply. However, ball mills are divided into two types, in accordance to their discharging ways, these types are the overflow discharge ball mills and the grate discharge ball mills.

Difference in grinding medium

Ball mills are made of materials such as high manganese steel, low carbon alloy and high carbon and high manganese alloy, giving the device its high toughness and manufacturability qualities. However, rod mills are made up of rods from high carbon steel and 42 Cr Mo steel. This rod, used as a grinding medium ,is usually 50 to 100 mm in diameter.

Difference in application

Basically, rod mill is used for coarse grinding, while ball mill is used for fine grinding. Ball mill is used in grinding metal ore and non-metal ore and also applicable in industries such as cement, construction, glass and ceramics, and chemical fertilizer industries. However, rod mill can be applied as a fine crushing equipment when crushing soft ores.

Ball Mill for Dry Grinding Ball Mill for Dry Grinding

Where to buy Grinding Rods?

You may be able to find grinding rods in small quantities in your area. But if you want to buy large quantities of grinding rod, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers. This guarantees the issuing of certifications and cost savings, making it better than purchasing grinding rods in small quantities locally or from a distributor.

At Camasteel, we have quality grinding rods for your bulk purchase. If you require bulk quantities of this product, you can purchase it on our website.

To learn more about grinding rods and how to purchase in bulk, please watch the video below:

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