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How to Buy Steel Balls in Brazil from Chinese Manufacturers

Uses of Steel Products: A Steel Ball Case Study

Steel Balls purchase in Brazil-Introduction

Steel Balls are one of the major products of Camasteel, and at Camasteel we are ever ready to fulfill the needs of our esteemed customers, across national boundaries. Brazil is not an exception, as we have world standard logistics in place to cater for our international client base.

Quality Steel Balls

Quality Steel Balls

What is Steel Ball Used for?

Steel balls are components, which are spherical in form, basically used as grinding media and as a rolling mechanism in rotary motion components like wheels and bearing .  Specifically, steel balls are commonly used in automobiles for semi-precision bearings, as well as for other commercial uses, which include, but are not limited to the use as locks, casters, drawer slides, in conveyors, trolleys and bicycles.

Steel balls as a component in ball bearings

Steel balls as a component in ball bearings

This blog explains in detail how we at Camasteel satisfy our client from Brazil with an order of steel balls. Importing niche steel products, like steel balls, can not only be time consuming, but also daunting and confusing. Thankfully , Camasteel has strong company values that guides us to provide the best service possible and handle the entire importing process for our clients.

Determining What Kind of Steel Products Our Client Needs

  • The client is a Brazil based automobile company who needed steel balls in bulk, as a component in the manufacturing of their automobiles.
  • The client contacted Camasteel to resolve their needs, and through close contact with our well esteemed representatives, we were able to guide them through the process of choosing the right product, the different steel grades and specifications and how to buy steel products in the most cost-effective and sustainable way.
  • At Camasteel, we have a variety of grinding steel balls for sale, but it is crucial to research and find the best unit based on our client’s individual specifications.
  • We work towards finding the best steel ball deals and determining the best to buy.


What is the Best Material for Steel Balls?

Steel balls are segmented into different types, such as low carbon, high carbon, chrome and stainless steel balls. The type of steel ball is dependent on the material used. However, material choice is made based on the intended use of the steel ball. Also, the hardness, oxidation resistance and magnetic properties of steel balls are largely hinged on the type of materials used.

  • Our client was advised on the most appropriate steel ball to purchase, based on the intended use and material adopted in manufacturing the steel ball.
  • We pinpointed the sustainable and cost-friendly steel balls, exactly what our client was looking for.
  • We answered all their questions about steel balls- from working with a multitude of varied clients we pretty much know how to answer them all.


Forged Steel Grinding Balls

Forged Steel Grinding Balls

Identifying a Suitable Chinese Steel Manufacturer - Why Camasteel?

  • After the order details from the client were received, we handled the rest of the process and began our search for suitable Chinese steel ball manufacturers.
  • During the process, we identified and reached out to six China based steel ball manufacturers.
  • After a thorough comparison and analysis between the 6 potential manufactures, Camasteel shortlisted two suppliers based on the quality to price ratio of their steel balls.


High Quality steel balls in Bulk: Why our Clients Achieve Cost-Savings

  • After we located the best potential suppliers, we informed our client with the details of our findings. We let them know that we had located high-quality cheap steel balls.
  • Once our client was happy with what they would be receiving, we continued to complete the order process for the specified steel balls.
  • As a result, we were able to fulfill the order within a tight timeframe while also managing to achieve 15% of cost savings for the client!

What Does This Mean for your Manufacturing Projects

We can all admit that finding the right products for your company can be a hassle, especially when time, cost and quality are important factors. Thankfully for this Brazilian automobile company, we are experienced in our industry and always find the best deals for our clients. If you are looking to import steel balls from Camasteel, alternative steel products such as grinding rods, or other kinds of steel products for your company, then Camasteel can help you out! The process is very simple, all you need to do is:

1. Send us your requirements/specifications

2. Include the quantity

3. Include port of destination

4. That’s it!

And if you aren’t sure where to start at all? Contact us and we can help you every step of the way, including your first one!

Why Import Steel Balls and Other Steel Products From China?

It is best to import steel from China because of availability, cost and quality.

Steel ball quality

The government have taken extra measures to ensure the quality of imported steel, so opting for trusted manufacturers with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Steel ball cost

Due to high production costs and high competition, buying steel balls from local suppliers may prove more expensive and options may be limited.

Steel ball availability

China, being the manufacturing capital of the globe is the go to, for bulk purchases. You may be able to find steel balls in small quantities in your area. But if you want to buy large quantities of steel balls, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers. This guarantees the issuing of certifications and cost savings, making it better than purchasing steel balls in small quantities locally or from a distributor.

Where to Find Quality Steel Balls for Sale?

Contact us at Camasteel if you too are looking for steel balls, or need a reliable partner that provides its clients with affordable yet quality products. Just fill us in with your company’s specific needs, and Camasteel will fulfill your request and complete the entire process for you efficiently while saving cost!

If you’d like to learn more about grinding media and how to buy steel balls and steel grinding rods, watch our youtube video below:

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