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Top 4 Uses of PPGI

PPGI uses in the Construction Industry

PPGI is used in construction for manufacturing roofing sheets, roofing tiles, walls, doors and windows, partitions, panels, louvers, slotted angles and valley gutters. The most common application of Pre-painted Galvanized Iron (PPGI) is the construction industry. This could be largely attributed to the durability, corrosion resistance, adverse weather resistance and attractive color characteristics of the color-coated steel.

  • PPGI Sheets for Roofing

The use of PPGI as roofing sheets for construction is the biggest application of the color coated steel. PPGI sheets are characterized by a high durability level as well as corrosion, weather and UV rays’ resistance, making it the first choice of builders for roofing.

PPGI color-coated roofing sheets PPGI color-coated roofing sheets
  • PPGI for Windows

PPGI is widely used for window frames, in building construction projects, due to its color variety, dust and termite proof qualities, as well as being corrosion resistant.

Corrosion resistant PPGI steel window frames Corrosion resistant PPGI steel window frames

PPGI uses in the Household 

PPGI is used in manufacturing a variety of household appliances, such as freezers and refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, washing machines and solar heaters. The strength and formability of PPGI steel, as well as its corrosion and rust resistance properties, makes it one of the most sought-after materials for the manufacturing of household appliances.

Also color coated PPGI has a firm layer of adhesion, which enables colors to retain vibrance for a long time.

  • PPGI for Solar Heaters

PPGI coils are commonly used for solar water heaters due to its ability to convert solar energy quicker and heat faster, thereby ensuring better efficiency of the solar device.

PPGI coil used for solar heater PPGI coil used for solar heater
  • PPGI for Refrigerator

PPGI steel is widely used for manufacturing refrigerating systems due to the high level of strength the metal possesses, as well as the processing, decoration, corrosion resistance, easy-to-clean, and weather resistance properties of PPGI.

PPGI coil for household appliances PPGI coil for household appliances

PPGI uses in Agriculture

PPGI is used in the agriculture industry for the construction and manufacturing of chicken coops, stables, haylofts, barns, greenhouses, to mention but a few. Again, the durability, noise and heat insulation characteristics, reduced installation cost, and aesthetic value, makes PPGI a desirable material for a wide range of agricultural facility build-ups and equipment.

  • PPGI for Greenhouses

PPGI pipes are sought after for constructing greenhouses, because of the outer and inner surfaces laminated with polyester color paint, which has a good appearance. Like Galvanized Iron, PPGI pipes have zinc coatings that make them corrosion resistant. 

Application of PPGI pipes for greenhouse construction Application of PPGI pipes for greenhouse construction

PPGI uses in Transportation

PPGI is used for  manufacturing car doors, beams, instrument dials, wiper blades, trunk lids, oil filters and oil sumps. PPGI is useful in the manufacturing of components for different forms of transportation, such as cars and trains. It is used most commonly as a base coat for body panels , as well as in making other components of vehicles, as earlier mentioned.

In the transportation industry, PPGI is also applicable in the construction of the body of caravans and recreational vehicles. The ability to incorporate color designs into the pre-painted material, makes PPGI desirable by most designers of these means of transportation. PPGI provides high quality steel for production of vehicle parts, with cost-effectiveness achieved in tandem.

Where to buy PPGI?

You may be able to find PPGI products in small quantities in your area. But if you want to buy large quantities of PPGI, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers. This guarantees the issuing of certifications and cost savings, making it better than purchasing steel in small quantities locally or from a distributor.

At Camasteel, we have PPGI sheets and coils for your bulk purchase. If you require bulk quantities of this steel, you can purchase PPGI on our website camasteel.com.

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