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CamaSteel’s Steel Common Nails
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CamaSteel’s Steel Common Nails

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Mainly in packing, furniture, and building construction
Material: Q195, Q235
Specifications: Countersunk, Checkered Head, Diamond Point, Polished, Galvanized
Length: ½”-6”, BWG4-20 for all round nails
Packing: Small plastic bag and box, Cartoner bag

CamaSteel’s Steel Common Nails

CamaSteel sells steel common nails which are used in many facets of construction and industrial application. These are sourced using our knowledge of the best steel suppliers in China. Common nails are the most common form of nail and is used in general construction, framing, and other structural work. Their thick shank, wide head, and diamond-shaped point make it preferred for 2 x dimensional lumber. While these nails are thick making them strong, they are more likely to split wood compared to thinner alternatives. A special form of the common nail is the sinker, a common nail with a slightly narrower head and special head design.

CamaSteel’s Steel Background

Our quality and reliable source of steel products and solutions match domestic and foreign demands for varying steel resources. CamaSteel’s international background allows us to operate and provide steel solutions for countries beyond China crossing Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and others. We have logistic integrity and have years of experience working with suppliers to provide common nails to diverse customization and processing to meet customer’s various needs. CamaSteel provides the best cost reduction and can obtain market analysis through experts in the industry taking advantage of the market trends and current value of common nails to provide quality and continued expertise in steel trading.

Understanding Nail Sizing

Steel nail sizes are denoted using the penny system in the United States where the number and the abbreviation d for penny is used. The larger the number, the longer the nail. Before purchasing common nails, it is necessary to know that these nails are for more general applicationswhereas certain nails may have different grooves, heads, material, and finishing that should be considered for the application of the project. Typically, common nails will be fine as a standard, heavy-duty nail for structural work such as building frames for walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs. The rule of thumb is if the lumber is a 2x dimension lumber, common nails should be used. The most common sizes include the 16d, 10d, and 8d.

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