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Cold Rolled Steel Plates
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Application: Manufacturing, Electrical Appliance
Standard: Manufacturing, Electrical Appliance
Lengths: 1000, 2000, 2440, 2500, 3000, 5800, 6000mm, or as per request
Widths: 1010, 1219, 1250, 1500, 1800, 2500mm, etc
Thickness: 1.0-100mm

Cold Rolled Steel Plates

Cold rolled steel plates sold by CamaSteel are known for its outstanding properties which include easy formability, smooth and clean surface, and application in automobiles, furniture, appliances, and other commercial and industrial applications. These applications require precise sizing and greater steel plate strength which the cold rolling process can preserve through the rolling and cooling process. However, these cold rolled steel plates from CamaSteel typically cost more due to the time this process consumes to produce. At the same time, cold rolled steel plates are customizable and will have much less sizing variation since the steel plates do not become as malleable in the process.

CamaSteel’s Steel Background

Our quality and reliable source of steel products and solutions match domestic and foreign demands for varying steel resources. CamaSteel’s international background allows us to operate and provide steel solutions for countries beyond China crossing Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and others. We have logistic integrity and have years of experience working with suppliers to provide cold rolled steel plates to diverse customization and processing to meet customer’s various needs. CamaSteel provides the best cost reduction and can obtain market analysis through experts in the industry taking advantage of the market trends and current value of cold rolled steel plates to provide quality and continued expertise in steel trading.

Production of CamaSteel Cold Rolled Steel plates

CamaSteel’s cold rolled steel plates undergo a process where the steel plates are pressed with a pressurized roller at room temperature. Cold rolled steel commonly has an increase in strength, nearly 20%, compared to cold rolled steel through its use of strain hardening. This process includes breakdowns, semi-finishing- sizing, semi-roughing, roughing, and the resulting finishing that helps form cold rolled steel shapes. Because of the complexity and precision offered by cold rolled steel, these are typically used for more precise smaller parts, and for parts that require extra durability.

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