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Galvanized steel Wire for metal products
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Galvanized steel Wire for metal products

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Product Name:
Galvanized steel Wire for metal products
Application: Construction
Certification: ISO9001
Standard: SAE1006/1008,Q195/235
Length: Coils
Technique: Hot rolled
Shape: round
Size: customizable
Model: 5.5-14mm
Terms of Payment: Long/Short term L/C, L/C, T/T

Galvanized wire

Galvanized wire is steel wire that has gone through a process of galvanization, this involves coating the wire with a rust resistant protective coating such as a zinc alloy. Galvanized wire is very strong with a variety of different uses. It comes a wide variety of gauges. It used by both individuals and corporations because of its great way to resist rust.


Galvanized wire has been used by individuals for many years to secure their property, rust resistant it has been known to make a great fence from intruders or wild animals. It can also be used to secure paintings or hang things; it has incredible strength making it very secure. You can use them on construction sites for binding or baling materials to prevent them from falling. The fact that they’re all-weather, rust-resistant and durable increases their value as well. Galvanized steel wire is also used with other materials to make steel ropes and corrosion-resistant wire products and also to strengthen multi-core electric cables. If you live on a farm, you’ll appreciate the ease of using this wire for packing agricultural materials. Also, the pliability and strength of the wire allows it to be used for creating wire art. In addition, galvanized steel wire is used for suspending or hanging telecommunication cables or for barrier cable, earth wire or ground wire. A few other commercial uses of the wire include its use in making wire cloth, wire rope, animal cages and suspension bridges.

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