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Overview of the Steel Industry in Israel and How to Buy Steel?

Flag of Israel


Brief introduction of the country

  • The capital of Israel is Jerusalem.
  • It has a population of 9,053,300.
  • The total area is 22,072 km2.
  • The official languages of Israel are:
    • Arabic
    • Hebrew
  • The currency is Israeli Shekel.


Economic statistics of the country

Israel is the 11th largest economy in Asia and 35th in the world. It has a GDP of $394.652 billion.
The largest industries of Israel are:

  • High-Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Diamond
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation


Economy breakdown

  • Agriculture 2.4 %
  • Services: 69.5%
  • Industry 26.5%


Main Importers of Israel’s Goods

  • United States of America 32.3%
  • China 8.72%
  • Hong Kong 4.6%
  • United Kingdom 4.08%
  • Netherlands 3.9%


Main Exporters to Israel

  • United States 18.4%
  • China: 13.6%
  • Germany 7.15%
  • Turkey 6.08%
  • Italy 4.09%


Steel Use in Israel

Given the economic growth of Israel, it is an attractive country for steel trade. Israel's steel industry is diverse and includes steel for:

  • High-Technology industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Diamond industry
  • Agricultural industry.


Steel use in Israel


  • High-Technology industry
  • High-technology industry of Israel is a flourishing industry. It is a key consumer of steel. Thousands of high technology equipments are produced in Israel. Steel is majorly used in most of these equipments. Common applications include telecommunications equipment, semiconductors, medical electronics, and other advanced technological products.

  • Manufacturing industry
  • The manufacturing industry of Israel is robust, and steel has many applications in this industry. It is used in the manufacturing industry of Israel to make automobiles, electronics, electrical equipment, and heavy machinery.

  • Diamond industry
  • Israel is a leading centre for diamond cutting and polishing. Steel is used for the effective production of equipment such as tools and machinery for diamond cutting and polishing.

  • Agricultural industry.
  • Steel is widely used in the agricultural industry for making structures like greenhouses etc. Israel is a leading agricultural technologies producer. Steel is largely used in this industry. It is used to make farming and harvesting equipments like tractors and threshing machines etc.

Seaports and Trading Hubs of the Country

Israel is accessible by both land and sea. For international trading, the main seaports are:

  • Port of Haifa
  • Port of Ashdod
  • Port of Eilat


Port of Haifa

For importing the goods, Camasteel uses the largest port, the port of Haifa.

What Steel does Israel Import?

According to the latest trade data, Israel imports $1.73 billion of iron and steel. These imports include steel such as:


What Regulations are there on Importing Steel to the Country?

In order to import steel in Israel, an import license is required which is issued by the Ministry of Economy and Industry. Other requirements include:

  • Certificate of origin
  • Standards and testing
  • Sanitary and phytosanitary regulations
  • Marking, labelling, and packaging.


Why should Israel Import Steel?

1. Availability - The local steel industry has low capacity and customers require abundant steel in an efficient manner. It is highly in demand by the various industries of Israel. Due to the immense increase in the demand of steel, it is necessary for the country to import it in order to fulfil the country’s needs.

2. Steel Cost – Due to the domestic incapacity and high costs of production, steel is more expensive to buy locally than it is in the world market. Israel spent about $1.73 billion on iron and steel since the country itself is unable to meet the steel requirement of various industries.

3. Steel Quality – While a majority of international steel suppliers have good company reputations and quality, some small local producers can have diverse steel quality. Local steel suppliers do not have good reputations and are generally not trusted much due to the low quality of their products. Local steel production of Israel is insufficient too. Therefore, in order to get superior quality products that meet their exceptional standards, internationally renowned suppliers are the best option.

Where can I Buy Steel for Israel?

Camasteel has been exporting steel to clients in Israel. If you are looking to import steel in bulk and achieve cost-savings, then look no further because Camasteel provides superior quality products at reasonable costs. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +86-131-2037-9271 for a FREE quotation.
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