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Hot Rolled Steel Plate

CIMC is a Chinese manufacturer of shipping containers and road transport vehicles. Originally named Shandong Wanshida Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co., It now makes fuel tanker semi-trailers, cement bulker carrier trailers, low bed semi-trailers, flatbed/skeletal container trailers and extendable semi-trailers under its overseas brand "CIMC trailers". CIMC is known to have invested heavily in utilizing European techniques and equipment to ensure a superior weld on their containers. We have CIMC concrete bulkers for sale in our online store.

Hot Rolled Steel Plates

Hot rolled steel plates are steel plates that undergo a pressure rolling procedure that heats the steel typically above the steel’s recrystallization temperature allowing the steel to be shaped and formed more easily. This allows the steel to be made into much larger sizes. This steel is then cooled at room temperature which eliminates future stress on the material under more strenuous uses. Hot rolled steel plates shrink non-uniformly when they cool leading to less uniform sizes, although the steel mills still ensure that the margin of size is within this area. Hot rolled steel plates are typically cheaper than cold rolled steel which undergoes a much longer process and quality check than hot rolled steel. The surface of hot rolled steel is typically scaly and can be removed through pickling, grinding, or sandblasting.