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Galvanized Steel Pipe

SANY is China's best known construction machinery manufacturer. Their supplier network is huge, covering the globe with R&D centers and manufacturing bases in the US, Germany, India and Brazil. They provide heavy duty construction machinery to 150 countries including concrete machinery, trailer concrete pumps, truck mounted concrete pumps, cranes, excavators, backhoe loaders, road building vehicles, hydraulic components, wind turbines, machinery for ports, piling, mining and petroleum drilling activities, among other heavy duty equipment. SANY is a global top brand, competing with other well known brands such as Komatsu and Caterpillar. SANY makes premium products and the price reflects this, yet our clients consistently ask for SANY heavy equipment as they know SANY as a producer of reliable, high quality products.

Galvanized Steel Pipe

Galvanized steel pipes are steel pipes that undergo a protective zinc coating process which prevents rusting and structural rigidity of the steel pipe. The most common method for this is through hot-dip galvanizing where the iron is submerged in molten zinc. Intact zinc coating on GI by CamaSteel prevents corrosive substances from breaching the surface of the underlying steel or iron. Prior to 1970, galvanized steel pipes were used to construct water supply pipes and other outdoor applications such as in rails scaffoldings, and railings. Additional benefits include having a semi-smooth surface, increased structural longevity, enhanced reliability, affordable protection, less repairs, and easier maintenance.