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Cold Drawn Wire

Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd, also known as SHACMAN, is a heavy truck producer in China. With manufacturing partner Rawal Industrial Equipment (Pvt) Ltd of Paskistan, they specialize in manufacturing medium size and heavy duty trucks, bus chassis, heavy duty truck axles and dump trucks. SHACMAN truck engines incorporate German technologies acquired through joint ventures, and have emissions standards configurations to meet many countries regulatory requirements. Their products are complemented with professional after-sale service and straightforward spare parts acquisition. You can see our selection of SHACMAN trucks for sale below.

Cold drawn wire

Cold drawn wire is created by drawing the strands of metal to reduce the size of the cross section, it is pulled (drawn) through a single or series of dies. The idea of drawing differs from extrusion because it is pulled rather than pushed. Cold drawing it does at room temperature. Cold drawn wire has many uses ranging from structural wire, paperclips of even creating strings for musical instruments. It is imperative in wire drawing that lots of lubrication is used to prolong the life of the dies and the overall finished quality of the wire.  A gripping device pulls the undrawn steel coil through the die to increase the length, reduce the cross width, and form the steel into the desired shape. Multiple passes through a die are necessary to shape the cold wire into the desired shape and properties