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Overview of the Steel Industry in Mexico and How to Buy Steel

Flag of Mexico


Brief Introduction of Mexico

  • Mexico has a population of 128.9 million.
  • Capital: Mexico City
  • Official languages: Spanish
  • Total area: 1,972,534 km
  • Currency: Mexican Peso


Economy of Mexico

Mexico is the 16th in the world. Mexico has a GDP of $1.269 trillion. The largest industries of Mexico are:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Petroleum
  • Iron and steel
  • Medical devices
  • Electronics
  • Agriculture


The Mexican economy is divided into

  • Services: 59.87% of GDP
  • Agriculture: 3.38% of GDP
  • Industry: 30.88% of GDP (approximately)


The main importers of Philippines goods are:

  • United States: 1. 77% of Mexico’s exports
  • China: 1.73%
  • Brazil: 1.05%
  • Germany: 1.78%


The main exporters to Philippines are:

  • United States: 56.9% of Mexico’s imports
  • China: 13.1%
  • Germany: 4.08%
  • Japan: 3.07%
  • South Korea: 2.88%


Steel Use in Mexico

Construction in Mexico steel use


Given the economic growth of Mexico, it is an attractive country for steel trade. Mexico’s steel industry is diverse and includes steel mainly for the automotive and construction industries. The automotive industry in Mexico contributes to about 3.7% of GDP and 20.2% of manufacturing GDP. The construction sector in Mexico accounts for about 8% of GDP. Mexico is the second largest steel producer in Latin American and 13th largest in the world. They also consume a large amount of steel.

Automotive Industry

Mexico has a fast-growing automotive industry. Much of the steel and iron produced in Mexico or importer contributes to automotive production. Of the industry’s total production, terminal sector makes up 62.1% and auto parts makes up 37.9%.

Construction Industry

Steel and iron contribute many and various products for use in construction in Mexico. This industry was booming after natural disasters occurred in 2017 and 2018, but slightly decreased in demand since then. In Mexico’s construction business, they would typically use mostly brick and cement, but have recently been drifting to use more steel.

Mexico Sea Ports and Trading

port of manzanillo import


Mexico is accessible by both land and sea. For international trading, the main sea ports are:

  • Port of Manzanillo
  • Port of Lazaro Cárdenas
  • Port of Veracruz
  • Port of Altamira
  • Port of Ensenada

For importing the good, Camasteel uses the largest port of Manzanillo.


What Steel does Mexico import?

According to the latest trade data, Mexico imports

  • 6.8 million metric tons of flat products
  • 1.5 million metric tons of semi-finished steel products
  • 1.5 million metric tons of long products
  • 665 thousand metric tons of stainless steel
  • 583 thousand metric tons of pipe and tube products


These include steel such as:

Steel bars at Camasteel



Cold rolled steel plate at Camasteel



steel billets at Camasteel



Galvanized iron at Camasteel


What regulations are there on importing steel in Mexico?

In order to import steel to Mexico, the company must provide Import Authorization. They also must submit steel material import information providing a Mill Test Reports or Material Quality Certificate and get approval. This will show the value and quantity of the steel desired to be imported. Mexican Customs is improving the management of steel imports to make sure the steel that is coming into the country are quality products.

Why should Mexico import steel?

1. Availability -- Mexico is the 11th largest steel importer in the world. Mexico imports a total of about 11 million metric tons of steel. Mexico also does not have the capacity to produce all the steel they need for their country, so they must import, as well.

2. Steel Cost – Given domestic competition and high production costs, steel is more expensive to buy domestically than on the world market.

3. Steel Quality – While most international steel suppliers have good brand reputation and quality, some smaller domestic manufacturers can have variant steel quality. Mexico regulations suggest they are taking better precaution in importing high-quality steel.

Where can I buy steel in Mexico?

In If you’re looking to buy small amounts of steel, there are local options more available for convenience. However, if you are looking to import in bulk and achieve cost savings, Camasteel has been exporting steel to clients in the Mexico. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +86-131-2037-9271 for a FREE quotation.