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  • How to Buy Steel Wire Rod

    What is steel wire rod? Steel wire rods are almost identical to GI or galvanized iron wires. They look exactly the same but are made from different materials and the way each is manufactured also varies. Steel wire rods are made from billets How is steel wire rod manufactured? Billets are what can be considered as semi-finished metal pieces. They need to be processed further to become valued products. Billets usually come in the form of square, circle, or rectangle which has areas below 36 sq. inches. Wire rods are produced using the process called extrusion. The billets are pushed...

  • How to Buy Rebar

    What is a rebar? Rebar, which stands for reinforcing bar, is also known to the general public as reinforcing steel. Rebar is typically what you will mostly see on establishments and buildings which as being constructed. These are steel-type rods which are used to generally reinforce the foundations of a structure. It is found in any construction which uses concrete as its base foundations since rebar strengthens it. Rebar acts as the bonding agent that helps keep the concrete foundations from crumbling under large stresses and loads. How is rebar manufactured? The production process of rebar is very simple and...

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