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Pre-painted Galvanized Iron (PPGI)
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Pre-painted Galvanized Iron (PPGI)

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Application: Industrial and Civil Construction
Standard: JIS G3302, JIS G3312, JIS G3321, ASTM A653M, A924M 1998
Lengths: Coil
Widths: 600-1250mm
Thickness: 0.12mm-2.0mm
Material: SPCC, SGCC, DX51D, SGCH, ASTM A653, ASTM A792
Type: Steel Coil
Technique: Hot Rolled
Surface Treatment: Coated

Pre-painted Galvanized Iron (PPGI)

Pre-painted Galvanized Iron (PPGI) is a form of galvanized iron offered by CamaSteel where it is hot dipped into zinc. The difference between PPGI and GI is the fact that PPGI is pre-painted and zinc coated steel. This allows the user to customize the product beyond physical specification into adjusting to the desired colors. CamaSteel’s pre-painted galvanized iron is factory pre-painted whereas other companies may do post painting after the hot dipping process. PPGI is also used to refer to metallic coated steels that have been pre-painted, by CamaSteel offers PPGI that is zinc coated steel.


CamaSteel Steel Background

Our Pre-painted Galvanized Iron (PPGI) that we offer on CamaSteel provides steel solutions for countries beyond China crossing Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and others. Along with providing quality GI/ PPGI products, CamaSteel is able to find ideal shipment solutions. With our experience and knowledge in steel products, our PPGI is preferable to other steel solutions. Our extensive experience in sourcing steel products ensures that the purchasers will receive the greatest flexibility of desired steel product dimensions along with assistance both from our suppliers and CamaSteel experts.

Application of CamaSteel PPGI

The PPGI that CamaSteel offers provides the same benefits of galvanized steel products with the added benefit of pre-painted steel used for other diverse manufacturing of devices, machines, and tools. PPGI steel coils are typically used for the following applications: • Refrigeration and freezer • Washing machines • Air conditioners • Solar heater • Roofing and walling • LED TV • Microwave Oven • DVD Player Set Top Box • Furniture • Container • Electrical Cabinets Due to the flexibility of the PPGI producing machines, CamaSteel is able to source quality PPGI products that suit the needs of your desired length and paint. Overall, PPGI is a great option for buyers looking for pre-painted galvanized steel products


What is The PPGI? 

PPGI is also known as Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron. PPGI is an industrial production of steel with several uses. It is a Pre-painted form of galvanized iron wherein the zinc coating layer is painted before the steel forms. The application of this zinc coating helps prevent rusting. 

Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron is also known as pre-coated steel, metallic coated steel, and color coated steel. PPGI is not expensive and is very durable. 


Where is PPGI Used?

PPGi is used in various industries for various purposes, some of these industries include;

  1. Construction Industry

 Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron is used in the construction industry for the manufacturing of roofing tiles and sheets, doors, walls, and windows. PPGI is mostly applied for use in the construction industry.  This can be largely attributed to its corrosion resistance, durability, weather resistance, and aesthetics. 

  • PPGI for use in Roofing 

Using Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron to manufacture roofing sheets is one of the biggest applications of PPGI. They are characterized by their high corrosion resistance, and durability. PPGI roofing sheets are the first choice for builders. 

  • PPGI for use In Windows

Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron is used to manufacture window frames due to its corrosion resistance, termite and dust proof quality, and color variety. 

  1. Household Use 

PPGI is used to produce several household appliances such as refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, and microwaves. The strength of Pre-painted galvanized iron as well as its rust and corrosion resistance makes it one of the most used materials for manufacturing household appliances. PPGI is used to manufacture solar panels due to its ability to convert solar energy faster and heat quickly. 

  1. Agriculture Industry

Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron is used in the agricultural industry to manufacture stables, chicken coops, haylofts, greenhouses, barns, and several others. Again, PPGI is highly considered and used for its heat and noise insulation, durability, and aesthetics. 

  1. Transportation Industry

PPGI is used in the production of car doors, wiper blades, oil filters and sumps, and instrument dials. PPGI is also used to manufacture several components for different means of transportation such as trains and cars. It is applied mainly in the production of base coats for cars and train body panels. 

Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron is also used to manufacture the body of recreational and caravans vehicles. PPGI is a highly desired choice in the transport industry due to its ability to make use of color designs in Pre-painted metal. 


Is Galvalume Better Than Galvanized

Galvalume is a term used to describe metal that consists of a steel coil coated with an alloy of metal while galvanized is a metal with a protective layer of zinc. Galvalume is more resistant to corrosion than galvanized metal, however, they are more prone to blemishes and scratches. Galvalume is also more readily available and cheaper than galvanized metals. 

What is the meaning of the GI Sheet? 

GI sheet is galvanized iron sheet. It is a steel sheet that has already been coated with a layer of zinc to increase corrosion resistance ability and durability. GI Sheet is cost-effective and can be applied for use in automobiles, home appliances, furniture, and buildings. GI sheet has a shiny and smooth surface with regular big small or no spangles. 

What Is The Difference Between PPGI and PPGL?

 PPGI and PPGL are different types of galvanized iron used in various industries. They are quite similar, but with some differences. The difference between PPGI and PPGL are; 

  • Pre-painted galvanized iron (PPGI) uses galvanized sheets as its base metal and a coating of zinc while Pre-Painted Galvalume Steel(PPGL) makes use of galvalume sheet as its substrate with a coating of 55% aluminum, 43.3% zinc, and 1.6% silicon. 

  • PPGI base metals would get damaged once the zinc layer of coating is corroded and is expected to last for about 10 to 15 years. While PPGL corrodes slowly due to the use of aluminum as its coating. PPGl is more corrosion resistant than PPGI. 

  • PPGL has a smoother surface than PPGI. This is due to the adhesion characteristics of aluminum which is better than zinc. 

  • PPGL can be painted straight on without treatment. However, it is needed that PPGI is pre-treated. 

  • PPGL has a better heat resistance than PPGI. PPGL can withstand a temperature of about 315°C. 

  • PPGI

Which is Better: PPGI or PPGL? 

PPGI and PPGL are similar, except for the difference that abounds. They both are employed for use in the same industries. However, due to the features PPGL possesses, it is better than PPGI in various ways. 

PPGl is more corrosive resistant, durable, heat resistant, and has a smoother surface. 

What Is The Pre-Painted GI Sheet? 

Pre-Painted GI Sheets are galvanized iron sheets. The surfaces are first pre-treated and then coated through the roll coating method, then after the GI Sheets have been baked and cooled they are steel manufactured with layers of liquid paint. 

Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron Sheet has been applied for decades in different places for walls and roofs. Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron Sheet offers a trouble-free and long service life. 

What is Pre-painted Galvanized Steel? 

Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel is color-coated steel. It makes use of galvanized steel as its base metal. The extra zinc coating offers resistance to corrosion and helps prevent rust and moisture from destroying the steel. 

Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel is an ideal material for walls and roofs, as well as for interior designs, such as awnings and ceilings. It can also be applied for use in steel structure roof and walls systems in car showrooms, power plants, still structure offices, and many others. 


Can Pre-Galvanized Steel Be Painted? 

Pre-Galvanized Steel can't be painted. Applying paint onto Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel will lead to peeling off. This is due to the protective zinc layer applied on the base metal that is not compatible with paint. 

What is a Pre-painted Coil? 

A pre-Painted coil is a galvanized coil which was painted previously. A coating of paint is imparted after the zinc protective layer. Pre-Painted coils are eco-friendly products and are used largely in the transport and furniture industries. 

How is PPGI Coil Made? 

Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron coil is manufactured in the normal galvanizing process. PPGI coil is galvanized iron coated with zinc and then manufactured in the form of a coil. PPGI coil is mainly made through hot dip galvanizing or ElectroGalvanizing. 

What Are Galvanized Coils Used For? 

Galvanized Coil is used for manufacturing and furbishing purposes. Galvanized Coil is used mainly for construction.

Galvanized is mostly applied in the construction industry for roofing. Galvanized Coil is an ideal choice for the construction of strong roofs. 

It is used as a barrier or protective cover over valleys and ridges in the roofing system. The coil is rolled on the roof and then bent into the crease in a valley or over the ridge top, to protect the seam in the roof from exposing the roof elements.

Here at Camasteel we have PPGI  for sale.

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    They allowed us to choose the color and customize the PPGI so we got what we wanted. thanks!

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    We imported 4 containers of blue and red PPGI and it arrived on time and we had no complaints about the quality. Will be back

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