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PPGI and PPGL Introduction 

PPGI is an acronym for pre-painted galvanized iron while PPGL is an acronym for pre-painted galvalume steel. Also, analyzing the composition of both products is important in having a full grasp of the similarities and even more so the differences between PPGI and PPGL.

PPGI coil for construction PPGI coil for construction








PPGL coil for construction PPGI coil for construction







What is PPGI?

PPGI is a color coated steel, composed of galvanized sheets as a metal base, with zinc coating serving as a layer. This pre-painted steel has characteristics of high durability, and resistance against adverse weather and UV rays from sunlight. PPGI is also light weight, with usage cutting across various industries, such as construction, advertising and transportation.

What is PPGL?

PPGL is also a color coated steel, but with galvalume sheet as substrate, coated with 55% aluminum, 43.3% zinc, and 1.6% silicon.

Both PPGI and PPGL have no doubts, similarities. However, analyzing the composition of both products is a step in the right direction to distinguishing the differences in these products.

What is PPGI used for?

PPGI can be used in manufacturing a wide range of products, such as refrigerators and freezer, washing machines, air conditioners, solar heaters, roofing, walling, LED TV, microwave ovens, furniture, containers, electrical cabinets, and door and window hoods, to mention but a few.

However, some of the most common forms of PPGI are PPGI sheets and PPGI coils.

1. PPGI sheets uses

The use of PPGI as roofing sheets can be seen as one of the most common uses of the material. PPGI is a widely sought-after material in the building and construction industries, the reason is not far-fetched, as PPGI sheets can easily be installed, reduces excess noise, have an impeccable thermal characteristic which ensures that the interiors of a building where it is used, are warm in winter and cold in summer.

Quality PPGI Sheets for roofing Quality PPGI Sheets for roofing

2. PPGI steel coil uses

PPGI steel coil is also used in building and construction specifically for roofing sheets, household appliances, and wall panels. It can also be used in automobiles. One distinctive feature of PPGI coils is the organic coating in various colors of the material, which enhances the appearance. In summary, exceptional strength and dimensional accuracy of PPGI coils makes it the best bet for roofing, fencing, lighting, ceiling accessories, interior cladding, steel furniture and kitchen appliances to mention but a few.

High quality PPGI Coil for building and construction High quality PPGI Coil for building and construction

What is PPGL used for?

PPGL can be used in building and construction, as well as in the production of household appliances and agricultural equipment.

1.    PPGL sheet uses

The PPGL sheet can be used in the lining for oil tanks, nuclear power plants, electricity boards, refineries and labs. Also PPGL sheets have remarkable anti-corrosive characteristics . The use of PPGL sheets cuts across a wide range of industries.

PPGL Sheets for roofing PPGL Sheets for roofing

2.    PPGL coil uses

PPGL coils are widely used for making kitchen appliances such as ovens, ranges, shelves, sinks and kitchen units. Also, it can be used in the agricultural industry for the making of drying machines, silos, barns, farm equipment and greenhouses. The corrosion resistant coils are also commonly used in manufacturing products like bins, sign boards and vending machines.

PPGL coil for kitchen equipment PPGL coil for kitchen equipment

What is the difference between PPGI and PPGL?

The differences between PPGI and PPGL can be analyzed  with regards to substrates, durability, weight, appearance, features, applications and price. Although PPGI and PPGL are both color coated steel, the usage of these products cut across various industries.

Difference between PPGI and PPGL Sheets Difference between PPGI and PPGL Sheets

1. Difference in Substrates of PPGI and PPGL

PPGI uses galvanized sheets as base metal. These galvanized sheets have a layer of zinc coating. However, PPGL uses galvalume sheets as substrate, just as the name implies. Galvalume sheets for PPGL are coated in 55% aluminum, 43.3% zinc, and 1.6% silicon .

2. Durability of PPGI and PPGL

From statistics, PPGL is 3 times more durable than PPGI, as the AI-ZN coating in PPGL is more resistant to corrosion, when compared to the ZN-rich in PPGI.

3. Difference in Weight of PPGI and PPGL

AI-ZN coating is lighter , compared to zinc coating. This is due to the lesser weight of aluminum when compared to zinc. Invariably, with the same weight, AI-ZN coating can occupy 3% more space than the GI sheet.

4. Difference in Appearance of PPGI and PPGL

Generally, the surface of a PPGL sheet is smoother , when compared to the PPGI sheets. This is because aluminum is more adhesive than zinc.

5. Difference in Features of PPGI and PPGL

PPGL sheets are more heat and corrosion resistant as opposed to PPGI sheets. This is due to the dense layer of aluminum, which prevents the base metal from eroding.

 6. Application of PPGI and PPGL

PPGI and PPGL sheets can both be used in wall paneling and roofing. However PPGL is more suitable for adverse outdoor environments, due to its high corrosion resistant features.

7. Difference in Price of PPGI and PPGL

PPGL sheets are 3%-11% higher than PPGI sheets, this is as a result of its better performance , as previously explained.

Which is better, PPGI or PPGL?

Due to the similarities of both PPGI and PPGL, it may be quite a task determining which is better. However, Camasteel offers you the opportunity to get the best recommendation from our esteemed representatives, who are experts in the business of steel making and usage. These recommendations are offered based on the location, weather, budget, industry and intended use of our clients. Contact  Camasteel today for your quality PPGI/PPGL sheets, in bulk purchase.

To learn more about PPGI and how to purchase in bulk, please watch the video below:

Where to buy PPGI and PPGL?

You may be able to find PPGI and PPGL products in small quantities in your area. But if you want to buy large quantities of PPGI/PPGL, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers. This guarantees the issuing of certifications and cost savings, making it better than purchasing steel in small quantities locally or from a distributor.

At Camasteel, we have PPGI and PPGL sheets and coils for your bulk purchase. If you require bulk quantities of this steel, you can purchase PPGI and PPGL on our website.

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